Online design service

If you are in any other place outside London and you want me, this is your better choice.

Before you invest in your refurbishment or makeover, you will have a complete guide with your bespoke design and everything clear and easy to start.


to assure the best results

This is your ACTION PLAN before you start

With an online interior design project I will show you how to organize and improve your space, increase comfort and give style to your favourite areas. I help you to gain self confidence when making decitions and save money and time.

  • You have bought a house/building to invest.

  • You want to extend your house / business, the distribution or the areas.

  • Thinking of what would be the best solution is making you feel overwhelmed?

If you wan to improve your house:

If you want to improve your business:

How important is for you to add value, atract more clients or stand out among your competence?

Priorize your business/client necessities and achieve profitabilty and distinction?

You already have run your business but you are not happy with the style and you don't know how to improve it?

Are you afraid of making mistakes or waisting your time and money?

You have a lot of ideas, clippings, etc but you need to see the result before you make a decision?

This service includes:

  • An Action Plan

  • Guides and tutorials

  • A stylish manual

  • Constant support during the project design.

  • 2D Plans and realistic views.

  • A shop list.

  • A bespoke project.

  • Personal support 4 months after the delivery.

A successful interior design is much more than ideas, furniture or colours. The important thing is what you can't see, is what you want to transmit, how you want to feel. And here is where i can help.


  • For residential online design is £20 / sqm + VAT

  • For commercial online design is £25/sqm + VAT

Book your project on my agenda.

write me to

I will send you your questionnaire.

I am looking forward to working with you!

How the Online design service work

1 Necessity study.

Use, programme, time schedule.

Knowing each other better


all the possibilities and options


The priorities


budget adjustment

2 space workout.

A combination of funtionality, regulations and coherence. Defining the style.

design starts.

Distributions, concepts, elements, circulations...

all the basics to achieve your ideal and perfect design.

3 A technical brief.

This is helpful when you have to communicate with the contractotrs or technicians through the process.

4 dressing up your space.

What we experience in a space, what make us feel good and "at home". The style, the palette, moodboard.

Your bespoke personal style manual that will guide you to achieve a scuccessful space.

5 realistic views

In this phase you will be able to see the final result.

6 The shopping list

Once you approve all the designs i will send you the list with the prices and everything you need to find the products and start de process!

And, of course, you will have my advice and support during the next 3 months .

Thank you for trust in my work! 

(34) 660 775 325 / 07934751330

London / Madrid