Marga's dreamed toilet

A perfect "clasic modern" 

Marga has always wanted a micro-cement toilet, something clean, without joints, easy to clean and functional.

The space had a lot of issues, the first issue was the scale of the space. It was really tiny. The wc area was very tight. There were a lot of stuff everywere making the space even smaller. The bathroom has natural light, from my point of view, this is a gift, but it was also very dark.

So, once we analized all the cons, i started to develope the solutions to make this toilet feel bigger and brighter.

First, give every element a space. Every objetc needs to have their own space and not disturb. Every decision has a purpose. I changed th wc position so now she has more space in her intimate moments. I changed the glass nad joinery of the window to bring more light to the space.

I wanted this toilet to transmits Marga's personality so i added a few elements she would love to have such as a ceiling lamp, a classic silver frame to the mirror and a colorful and artisian patchwork wall accentuating the shower area.


Elevation showing the light feature.
Elevation showing the mirror wall.
Patchwork tiles for the shower area
axonometric view
light detail
3D basic view from access
End of the process. Photo
Shower detail
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