One of the things i love to do is to invent, imagine and create new worlds, spaces, atmospheres, unique, special, different.

Using my imagination in competitions is a challenge, it helps me stay awake and keep this area alive, which is not very easy to apply in the daily life at work, and help me to free my imagination and is a wonderfull scape route!

YAC Competition. Train Station in China.

In a little garden. International conest. 3rd prize!

    A little garden is an organic project based on nature.   The main theme is based on a visit to a garden and recreating the experiences that evoke the senses.     The plan and elevations follow organic and curved lines. The curved lines create external and internal protected spaces. Each space provides a different experience.     The garden is a large elliptical space which encloses different areas to represent the seasons. The space evolves from a large open area to a more intimate and enclosed space.       The details reflect the main characters of the garden. All the elements present in a garden are recreated by using shadows, lights and textures  which are found in the design of the ceiling, walls and floors.     The space is organized into layers, leading the visitor around the garden. The walk starts in a wild garden with nature created using solid surface perforated white panels depicting trees, birds, bushes, grass, flowers. Three skins in the front entrance demarcate distinct areas, whether swings for fun or housing ticket machines.  The space is illuminated with indirect light located on the floor behind short  solid surface white panels.     The next steps lead you to the core of the garden, divided into six areas, each of which represents a feature of the seasons.  Such as the Summer with sunny skies, blooming trees and flowers. This where you can find the  “Treats” area  based on a rainbow, providing a colorful interactive space. Autumn houses large screens for showing trailers with seating carved to represent soft topography.  The Autumn area has a lower ceiling cut out to represent the branches of a forest with shadows created using projected lighting. Winter provides a relaxed texturized covered seating area with a rain of little interactive lights. After the Winter, Spring shows it’s power with colourful flower textures and wildlife and leads to a warm Summer’s day space with bright colours.  The ceiling is a large horizontal pod with hanging colourful flowers to create a sense of enclosure.  The ceiling is composed  of a perforated layer  to create shadows and highlights the different organic shapes below by cleverly using lighting to pick out the wonderous garden below. 

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