This are the more frequent questions that my clients ask

Is useful this interior design service? Is going to worth my money and time?

Yes it is, if you have doubts and you need experience and a sincere and professional advice.

An advice from an expert always gives you new and fresh ideas.

What can i expect from your service?

I can help you with everything related with interior design and architecture. 

I can gelp with style, design, furniture, ideas, creativity, adding personality to your space, i can help with colours, distributions, optimizing and take advantage of small spaces, improve how you feel in a space, improve the lighting, i can help with bespoke elements, i help you choose your style or the style that represents you most, i can help you see the final results before you invest time and money in your makeover, i can help you improve your happiness and achive your dreamed and perfect space.

What am i going to recieve and when?

Depending on the service you hire you will recieve exactly what i explain for each service, you will recieve, inmediatly, by e mail, everything very well explained by me, and of course a contract to make everything easy, transparent and clear.

If you have any other doubt, please mail me and will be very happy to answer! 

(34) 660 775 325 / 07934751330

London / Madrid